5С T-shaped handle, computer key Specifications:



Keys per set, pcs



NP-nickel plated, SN-satin nickel


1 piece per individual box,

25 pieces per inner carton box

2 carton boxes per master carton


  • Cylinders are designed for installation with mortise locks.
  • Wide range and standard colors of the cylinders allow to choose proper cylinder to almost every type of mortise locks.
  • Sizes of the cylinders – equilateral or scalene.
  • The right choice of the cylinder size depends on the thickness of the door leaf profile (including other installed hardware, e.g. key plates etc), as well as the centershift of the lock relative to the axis of symmetry of the door butt end.
  • Letter “T” in the marking of goods means the side of the cylinder with turn knob
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