Balcony headset BHS 2 (an asymmetric key) Specifications:




White (RAL 9016)/brown (RAL 8019)



  • Asymmetric balcony handle set is designed for installation on plastic doors.
  • Provides the possibility to close the balcony door both from inside and outside.
  • Different width of the external and internal decorative plates allows to install it on the balcony door with any profile width.
  • Universal external decorative plate (right-left).
  • Balcony handle set is made of aluminum and zinc alloys.
  • Installation on the door – through fastening (end-to-end mounting)).
  • There is a cylinder mechanism in the internal handle which allows to lock the balcony door from inside, without installing extra lock. This balcony handle set prevents illegal penetration by unauthorized persons from the outside and opening of the balcony door by children.
  • Balcony handle set comes standard with screws (with notches for shortening), shaft and 2 keys.
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